Electric motors with brake VIVA GABROVO

An electric motor with a tapered conical rotor and a built-in brake is a specialized product for driving lifting and running mechanisms. The unique design combines two products

– an asynchronous electric motor and a mechanical brake and is characterized by high reliability under various operating conditions, reliability and reliability when stopping. These are the main advantages of such electric motors compared to other drives.

Their design also has the advantages of ordinary asynchronous electric motors with a squirrel-cage rotor, namely:

– Compactness;

– Minimal and easy maintenance.

The cone electric motor is designed to withstand cyclic loads and is implemented in unity with the design of the entire mechanism. This makes it possible to use common structural elements and provides significant technical and economic advantages of the mechanism. Depending on the drive mechanism, electric motors are divided into two groups:

– for the lifting mechanism of electric rope hoists

– KG and KGR series;

– for running gears

– PC and PCP series.

Electric motors are manufactured in accordance with Bulgarian and European standards

– BDS 6062-1982; BDS EN 50018+A1; BDS EN 60034-1; EN 60034-5; EN ISO 12100-1; EN ISO 12100-2 etc. Specific features of cone brake motors:

– presence of axial stroke of the shaft;

– intermittent short-term operating mode

– S4. Specifications:

– Voltage modifications: 50Hz / 60Hz;

– Insulation class F;

– Degree of protection

– IP 54;

– Possibility to install thermal protection. Electric motors can also be produced for operation in marine, tropical or special environments

– M, T, C.

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